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Rate Increase






In order for the Corporation to meet current supply and maintenance demands, new rate increases will be go into effect on July 01, 2016. The increases will be reflected on bill amounts due on July 15, 2016.


New rates: $40.00 w/2000 gallons of water included – Minimum Bill

                  $7.50 per thousand gallons usage thereafter

                  (All meter sizes to be raised $9.00 on the minimum, accordingly)

                  $25.00 – Late Fee

                  $30.00 – Returned Checks

                  $100 – 1st Offense, Meter Tampering

                  $250 – 2nd Offense, Meter Tampering

                  $500 – Straight Hook-Up Fines


*Rate increases have been designed to recover a loss in revenue in 2015 and to meet projected budget costs for 2016. In 2014, costs to maintain the system increased by 41% while revenue only increased by 19%. The RAWS Board of Directors has been continuing to strive for more efficiency, to absorb and realign costs, and to put off the need to increase rates. Specific areas of increase in costs have included a rise in rates by 29% by our water supplier, a 17% increase in electricity costs, and significant increases in maintenance and contract labor costs. While the Board of Directors regrets these increases, they are absolutely necessary to maintain and make improvements to the current system.


**You are invited to attend regular board meetings held the last Tuesday of every month to learn more about the requirements of the system. Please note that if you wish to address the Board, you should contact the office no later than one week prior to the meeting in order to be listed on the Agenda in accordance with the Open Meeting Act.

         Thank you,