To all of RAWS customers who use PAYCLIX, we are having issues with downloads of payments so if you have any issues with your bill such as payments made or late fees on bill that should not be, PLEASE call the office for assistance. Thank you for your patients in this matter......

Have a Great Holiday!!!!

Board Meeting

Board Meeting is cancelled for Tuesday September 27, 2016.

Due to officers working out of town.


Water boil

RAWS Corp is not under the water boil like city of Corpus Christi... RAWS purchases water from NCW # 3 in Robstown..

Therefore their is no effect to our water system.

2014 Water Quality Report CCR To view RAWS Corp latest CCR Report


In order to conserve the available water supply and protect the integrity of supply facilities, with particular regard for domestic water use, sanitation, and protection, and to protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safely minimize the impact of water supply shortage or other water supply emergency conditions, the River Acres Water Supply Corporation, RAWS CORP, is initiating Condition 1 of its Drought Contingency Plan beginning April 2014. This is being done upon strong encouragement by the TCEQ. TCEQ is the State agency regulating water in Texas.


  • RAWS CORP is requesting voluntary conservation of all water users
  • Odd/Even address yard watering is implemented until further notice
  • Water leak reduction program. Leak repairs have highest priority

(Even-numbered address: street address, box numbers, or rural postal route numbers ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and locations without addresses. Even-numbered addresses water on even-numbered calendar days. Odd numbers are opposite.)

Further information on Condition 1 and the entire Dought Contingency Plan may be viewed on our website at or by calling the RAWS CORP office during regular business hours at (361) 387-2614.

Brent Burkhart, Field Manager