Board Members

The current Board of Directors was installed on April 27, 2020 and serve either a one, two or three year term. 

As of May 21, 2020 there are two vacancies on the Board, and according to the Bylaws the current Board selects members to fill the vacant positions.  Members who are interested in serving on the board can indicate their interest by submitting a completed application for the position. 

The application for vacant Board of Directors position(s) is available for download at the bottom of this page. Please review the 'RAWS Conflict of Interest Policy' available on this page to determine if you are eligible to serve on the Board before completing the application. 

Submit your completed application, and resume (if you have one) to the RAWS CORP business office: 15602 Northwest Blvd. Ste. H, Robstown, TX 78380 or email your application to

Deadline for receipt of completed applications is Thursday, June 25th 2020 at 5pm CST to be considered for the current vacancies. 

Thank you for your interest is serving on the Board!

President David Wishard  
Vice President John Fernan  
Sec / Treasurer Jannie Pruski  
Director Debbie Bond  
Director Roy George  
Director Vacant  
Director Vacant  

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