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Statement from the RAWS Board of Directors

    Statement from the RAWS Board of Directors 

June 11, 2020         

              On April 27th, 2020, the newly elected Board of Directors appointed its Officers and set to work to restore the functionality and effectiveness of the River Acres Water Supply (RAWS) Corporation. The members expressed a sincere desire for a change in the RAWS culture by electing a completely new Board of Directors. The new Board members possess a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and real-world experiences to promote this change by problem solving and prioritizing issues. Over the past seven weeks, the board has dealt with a variety of issues necessary to ensure the continued delivery of quality water to its members. During this timeframe, the Board was made aware of many issues unrelated to the primary task of providing safe, quality drinking water. A number of these issues should have been addressed and rectified over the past several years but were not. Many of these issues, such as the chlorinator pump, that had not worked in some seven years were addressed and repaired post haste.

                The mission and responsibility of the Board of Directors has not changed. In an effort to address a multitude of issues in a timely fashion, the Board of Directors decided to meet on a weekly basis and also put in place several operational committees allowing two to three Directors to work as a small team to research and take action, or bring action items to the full board, as appropriate. These weekly meetings will continue until the staffing shortages in administrative and technical field operations and other priority operational issues are addressed. Currently, technical field operations are being assisted by the City of Corpus Christi and the Nueces County Water Control and Improvement District No. 3 in the delivery of quality water to RAWS membership.

                The membership of RAWS is always encouraged to attend the board meetings to stay informed about the current issues (while following appropriate COVID-19 precautions). Some members are extremely concerned about specific issues which they feel require a higher degree of focus or priority. The Directors are aware of this and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible, but the primary mission remains the delivery of quality, safe drinking water.

                All issues and concerns from the membership should be directed to the RAWS office and/or Board of Directors via email to rawscorp@stx.rr.com only. Emailing individuals or Directors does not give an issue any greater attention or a higher priority. The Board of Directors must follow the requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act (TOMA), and often cannot respond to emails or messages sent to them via other forums, as it would be in violation of TOMA.

                Interacting with Board members publicly can be productive and informative for everyone, provided the conversation is conducted in a constructive manner. The Board of Directors shares the frustration of some members regarding unresolved issues from the past, however the board’s actions and decisions must be tempered by the primary mission of delivering quality, safe drinking water; and by the interests of the membership as a whole (not necessarily what may be good for an individual member or group of members). Utilizing social media, text, and/or email to attack, chastise, bully, and/or provide partial facts and disinformation is not an effective way to constructively communicate a concern.

                The Board of Directors is in the process of filling two vacant Director positions on the Board. The Directors take the nomination and selection process very seriously and are looking for individuals with skills, abilities, and knowledge to contribute to the board and its responsibility to provide quality, safe drinking water. It is imperative to recruit and select individuals that possess the knowledge and experience necessary to function at a Directors level, and that will contribute to the continued success of the RAWS Corporation.