Current Projects

After five years of negotiation and miles of paperwork that was required to acquire a 3.6 million dollar loan from TWDB... The Water Distribution System Improvement project broke ground in December 2019! Construction on new water pipes and new meters are going in daily. Phase one and Phase two are under way!

Please, see below for the current area the construction is taking place. River Acres office staff will post project updates weekly as we receive them. Updates from current month will remain on website. Older updates of current project are available to you via your request to our office. 

Persons Service Corp


Week of June 8th 2020, Persons group will be starting the ditch work to divert the water away from trench and toward 73.

Week of June 15th 2020, Persons group will start making the asphalt repairs to the road crossings.

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AREA: Broad Acres

Persons Company

This week Persons Company started filling up the system, installing all of the angle stops and cleaned and dressed up the disturbed areas.

Next week they will continue filling the system and begin repairing the driveways.


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Area: FM 73 and FM 624

Persons Services

This week construction worked on long services and hydrants along FM 73 and completed the connection at FM 624 and FM 73.

Next week they will start making driveway repairs and begin testing the system.


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Area: CR 73A and Colony Drive

5125 Company

Work will continue along CR 73A, and is scheduled a county road crossing for Tuesday 4/21/2020 at the intersection of Colony Drive and CR 73A for the 6'' waterline.

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Area: FM 624, Bobwhite & CR 73

Persons Company

Last week construction worked on the 8'' WL starting north of the EMS Station driveway and completed the installation to Bobwhite St.

This week construction will work installing the Fire Hydrants and services along this same section and begin tunneling the services under the streets in the neighborhood.

They will also start prepping for the 24'' bore at FM 624 under CR 73, toward the end of next week.

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Area: Bobwhite, County Road Crossings, First Colony, & CR 73A

The week of April 3rd, construction continued installing the 8" waterline from the RAWSC water tower heading northeast towards Bobwhite Road. 

Next week construction is scheduled to continue installing any pending firehydrants, water services and waterline connections including County Road Crossings throughout the First Colony Subdivision commencing along County Road 73A.

Updated by RAWS Office Assistant